Popcaan Finally Goes To Church Totally Stoned

Popcaan’s mother has finally convinced him to attend church.

The Unruly Boss went to church in Portmore last weekend and as you can see in the below video he was stoned. Some fans quickly pointed out that the “Ova Dweet” deejay was high from hitting a blunt or maybe two. He later went on Instagram Live to confirm their suspicions saying, “I went to church high.” Clearly, no one at the church service was star struck but then again he was sitting all the way in the back.

Popcaan’s mother Ms. Rhona has been trying for years to get him to go to church with her to no avail. His Unruly fans are now wondering what’s changed and what did she did differently last Sunday. “I wonder what Ms. Rhona did different this time but is good look Poppy god fearing youth,” one fan wrote.

Perhaps it was motivated by a recent post where Popcaan said he wants to be a god, rather than be a don nor a general. Guess this is his first step towards that goal.

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