Nipsey Hussle Feat. YG – “Last Time That I Checc’d” Lyrics

(Chorus: Nipsey Hussle)
Last time that I checked
It was 5 chains on my neck
It was no smut on my rep
Last time that I checked
I was sellin’ zones in the set
Make a quarter mill no sweat
Last time that I checked
I’m the street’s voice out west
Legendary self-made progress
Last time that I checked
First get the money then respect
Then the power, and the hoes come next
Last time that I checked

(Verse 1: Nipsey Hussle)
I been self-made from the dribble
I was been sayin’ I’m a ‘Killer’
Playin’ no games with you ni**as
Pop clutch, switch lanes on you ni**as
I laid down the game for you ni**as
Taught you how to charge more than what they pay for you ni**as
Own the whole thing for you ni**as
Re-invest, double up, then explained for you ni**as
It gotta be love, who run the whole city? It gotta be Cuz
This for the pieces I took off the monopoly board
And ya’ll ni**as false claims, it gotta be fraud
Just keep the hood up out of your mouth, and you gotta be charged
I doubled up, tripled up, ni**a what
Banged on the whole game, I ain’t give a f**k
Nobody trippin’, had no business, got my digits up
And when I drop, you know I’m ’bout to f**k the whole city up

(Repeat Chorus: Nipsey Hussle)

(Verse 2: Nipsey Hussle)
And I come through fly (check), no co-sign
I ain’t need radio to do mine, I done fine
And I take my time (check), and take my tribe
Every level that I crossed in this game like state lines
It was visionary, either I’m genius or you ni**as scary
Maybe it’s both and this balance I deliver daily
For every ni**a in the streets tryna feed the babies
The single mama’s workin’ hard not to miss a payment
And dirty money get washed on royalty statements
Black owners in this game are powerful racists
Young ni**as in the set that’s doin’ it makeshift
Out the garage is how you end up in charge
It’s how you end up in penthouses, end up in cars
It’s how you start off a curb server, end up a boss
It’s how you win the whole thing and lift up a cigar
With sweat drippin’ down your face ’cause the mission was hard

(Repeat Chorus: Nipsey Hussle)

(Verse 3: Y.G.)
Last time that I checked
I got the front end and the back
We on the way and that’s a fact, this real, this ain’t rap
Where everybody wanna act pro-black
(They don’t really wanna f**k with us)
The last lie you heard, this ain’t that
This that, “I done made it out the gutter” sh*t
Nip told you “f**k the middle man”, I said “f**k a b**ch”
f**k wearin’ their clothes, I wear my own sh*t
Ya’ll can own ya’ll label, I own my own, b**ch!
Aye Nip, I remember all that game you taught me
Don’t f**k around and get played by these label owners
Talk that sh*t to these ni**as, Adrien Broner
But secure the win though, don’t let that game fold you
‘Cause when this game over, it’s really game over
And all they do is play the game till this game over
And you be givin’ game like a big brother
Mission, never let ’em take it from us

(Repeat Chorus: Nipsey Hussle)

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