Ja Rule Trolls 50 Cent Using His Own Son

Ja Rule and 50 Cent keeps popping up on our timeline with their ancient beef.

The two New York rapper has perhaps the oldest beef in hip hop right now and they are still going at it. While other NY rappers have since made peace with their rivals, Ja Rule and 50 Cent refused to call a truce and shake hands. If they can’t do that being in their forties then perhaps they should just head back in the studio and lay down some diss tracks.

Yesterday, 50 Cent shared a meme teasing Ja Rule while promoting his hit TV show Power. “Ja Rule’s kids asking him for the 100th time if they could watch Power,” he said while a pic of Ghost yelling “noooo.”

Rule hit back using an infamous quote made by 50 Cent’s son Marques Jackson. “Ja Rule was probably one of the first to [sing and rap] and I listen to a lot of Ja Rule because of that,” he quoted while writing in the caption, “Glad I was able to inspire you and your dad.”

The two rap veterans reignited their beef last month when 50 Cent and his Den Of Thieves co-star Oshea Jackson Jr did an interview on Big Boy’s Neighborhood. During the interview, the issue of Ja Rule came up and Fiddy made it clear that he would put his rap rival to sleep on sight. He also spoke about that time the two of them were on the same flight from JFK to LAX.

Ja Rule went on a Twitter tirade the next day calling 50 Cent a “pu***” and reminded fans that he once beat up the G-Unit rapper who then ran to the feds and got out a restraining order. “Come on let’s keep it a buck @50cent is my son my student young paddawan lol you owe me your life boy,” Rule said.