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Jhene Aiko Talks Falling For Big Sean and Cheating On Her Ex

Jhene Aiko gets candid about falling in love with Big Sean and cheating on her ex-boyfriend.

The R&B songstress sat down for an interview with Dotty on BBC Radio’s 1Xtra Breakfast Show yesterday where she opened up about her career, being a young mother, life lessons, and naturally her new boo Big Sean. Surprisingly, Aiko opened about in great details about how she and Sean Don hit it off and now social media is reacting.

Jhene Aiko says she met Big Sean as far as 2012 when the two developed a friendship and started working together musically. She met him around the time when her brother tragically passed away. That’s around the time they worked on singles like “I’m Gonna Be” and the smash hit “Beware.”

She said things started getting interesting when he asked her out on a date to an NBA game and at the time she had a boyfriend but still went. “He wanted to take me out on a date,” she said. “I had a boyfriend, but I still went…just as a friend. I had never been courtside to a game and he’s cool. I told my boyfriend ‘I’m gonna go to this game.'”

Around that time, rumors started circulating that Jhene Aiko and Big Sean were dating but she said that was not the case and they didn’t even share a kiss. She continues saying that a short time later she broke up with her boyfriend after learning that he was secretly married but it was too late to hook up with the G.O.O.D. Music rapper because he was already in another relationship. Big Sean was dating his former fiance Naya Rivera around that time.

During that time, the two continues to work together musically and be friends, but Sean’s relationship with Rivera eventually ended and he then dated Ariana Grande for a bit then Jhene Aiko. She didn’t reveal that exact timeline of their relationship, but fans on social media already drew their conclusions that she cheated on her ex-boyfriend.

On a side note, she revealed in the interview that she doesn’t let Big Sean eat her rear like groceries because she is not really into that despite singing about it in the biggest song of her career.