T.I. Responds To Raven Symone Criticism Of JAY-Z & Diddy

T.I. has a simple clap back at Raven Symone who shared a scathing criticism of himself and others like JAY-Z and Diddy.

Symone, who is a former co-host of The View, shared a viral photo of some famous celebrity black men in one photo. The pic became a viral meme last week following he Grammy’s but at least one black famous person is not happy about it. In her scathing statement, she only removed DJ Khaled from the list purely base on his race, while dismissing the others as mere ignorant rappers who preyed on the stereotypes of our culture to get rich and famous.

““A group of so-called ‘successful’ Black men (minus Khaled racially) who became rich and famous from perpetuating the worst Black stereotypes to the ears and eyes of the whole planet like drug dealing, pimping, murdering other Black men and disrespecting Black women,” she wrote.

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“I listen to many of these brothers art and I respect certain things about them. But it is imperative that we don’t lose sight of the simple truth – these men were CONGRATULATED by a white supremacist culture for degrading black men and women, portraying us as disposable as a cockroach within their lyrics,” she continues. “They taught and glorified the drug, pimp, prostitution, stripper and gang game, and led many impressionable people down a path that they have paid heavily for, while these “successful dudes got paid! This is not a Diss, it’s a reminder, that all that glitters ain’t gold! True black power is not this, its despite this!”

T.I. had a simple response to her statement, get off your high horse and come back down to planet earth. Fans have also been ripping her to pieces on social media. “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future,” TIP wrote while adding in the caption, “[Raven Symone] Our sins ain’t no greater than yours ma’am. The air must be thin as hell up there on that high horse you sittin on. Somebody please let me know…WTF up wit shawty?”