Bugle Nix Party To Feed Homeless On His Birthday

Bugle used his birthday to feed the homeless with the help of some celebrity friends.

While most of us would relax and or party for our birthdays, Bugle got out of bed early on Tuesday with one mission on his mind, to feed the homeless on the streets of Kingston. The dancehall veteran did the same thing on Christmas Day last year where he saw the need to provide hot meals for of the most ignored members of his community.

While members of his An9ted Entertainment crew were busy planning a surprise birthday party for the Rastafarian deejay, he was busy with some of his friends cooking and dishing out some fried chicken and rice and peas to the homeless population downtown.

“Giving praises to the most high which is most important,” Bugle said. “My team was planning to keep a surprise party for me but I found out and decided against it. I told them all that food and drink could be put to better use too much hungry people in Jamaica let of feed them instead of feeding ourselves For just one day and this is the outcome. Maximum respect to all the personal and corporate sponsors for their donations, despite it being last minute. We give thanks.”

Bugle also got a couple of his dancehall friends to help with the charitable venture. Wayne Marshall, Romain Virgo, sound system selector Ricky Trooper, producer Troyton, among others gave him their support. The artist’s PR rep, Raymond ‘Shadow’ Small, told Urban Islandz that he shed tears when he ran out of meals and realized that some homeless folks didn’t get any.

Bugle also said he will be back to feed the homeless in the near future.