Alkaline Trolls Tony Matterhorn For Imposing Ban On His Music

Alkaline is trolling Tony Matterhorn amidst a one-year ban on his music.

After weeks of being silent, Matterhorn snapped last weekend at a party where he declared that a ban on Alkaline music for the rest of the year is in order. The veteran sound system selector hurled some expletives at the Vendetta deejay and his fans in an act of defiance amidst criticism. “Me say me a give Alkaline one year bom***** ban, who no like it s*** your mother,” he told the crowd before dropping Vybz Kartel single “InfraRed.”

Moments after the clip went viral, Alkaline posted a video of a young fan wilding-out to his 2016 smash hit “Champion Boy.” If this is not a clear sign that the beef between these two is nowhere near over, then perhaps it’s one big publicity stunt. It’s not the later, we’re told Tony Matterhorn is really angry and feels disrespected the way Alkaline dealt with the situation in Florida last month. This is just his way of venting his anger rather than getting into a physical confrontation which could end badly for all parties.

“He is just being the bigger man and he is the bigger man so this is just his way of sending a message rather than taking up a gun and behave badly,” a rep for the disc jockey said.