Lil Wayne – Thought it Was a Drought” Lyrics

Shout to Mack Mayne
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Good Boss whats up?
Six, Six, Six
Gangster breseal (breseal)

Big body on brabas, that’s all I know
Big shotties in the closet, that’s all I wore
Screaming “money over power”
Quote, un-quote
And if the bread get too low, kidnap John Doe (hold up)
I just F*cked your b*tch in some Young Money flip flops
I’m smoking on that loud and you can hear a pin drop (hold up)
I just kissed my b*tch and I left codeine in her mouth (yeah)
Swimming in my money, I smell chlorine when I count
Get ’em

Skating, made em standing like dating them
Running like Payton, I’m Christian like late and I’m
Putting some straightener in all of these Satans I’m
Wilder than David and Goliath on date with them
Quietly waiting I’m trying to be patient but
They want me to wait for Simon to say it but
I am to pay this up, talk to my agent or
They talk about you to your congregation
Man, no conversation or negotiation
No affiliation by association
I need confirmation for my compensation
Or we make a corpse out of your corporation
I need my donation, take drugs in rotation
That AK gon’ sound like a standing ovation
They landing your facial bandana rosacia
I’m all about numbers, comparisons, racials
Collateral, collateral. Xanax and adderal got me unparralleled
Me and your b*tch compatible, go together like a parachute and a “geronimo”
This d**k is mechanical, but he get too casual up in the vaginal
I pop a viagra, she hop like a kangaroo, s*ck like a snaggle-tooth

I ain’t got time for no rumours when I am not human, all you men I’m booming…
I’m f*cking her, f*cking her romeo
I’m platinum verse aluminum
I’m strumming
I visualize when i’m assuming, my vision is glooming
but f*ck it I zoom and now i see movement
and i like to thank all the n*gga that screw me
But I still might shoot up my class reunion
And i’m sipping that houston like its communion
smoking some weed bright as a putunion
I’m f*cking around in american like i’m the king
King of Zamunda
Been hanging around with my shooters
When you were still hangin’ around with Mr. Cooper
Which one of you n*gg*s want beef i’m butting your name on Zalichalupa
Money said the myans, thug saind the ryans, stop exemplifying
Higher than no ryan, lion off the diet
Eat the whole safarri
Pop a coke on body
Keep it soft and sour
Watch the market tower
Find a wooden counter, knock on it twice an count ‘hem
competition count them
Opposition chowder
Watch the b*tches shower
Optimist mama
Commom sense aint common
top position scholar so far from the bottom
They cant hear me hallow,
all i say is our, all i say is our
our father Mallow Bayer
Mallow p*ssy taste like cablo
make me a salamo leg and bottle mark
Pray about it
I just race the rari let it way behind my, taste the mileage
Loud as blaten’ diamonds i think they allowed
Is awaken zombies
Break or face a promise give me stake lasagna
Hate you honor still you mamas baby and my baby mama, they some ridders
Cant deflate them tyres, i’m still chasing commas
n*gg* i made big timers and i’m still taking time to make, to make it timers
Dedication problems, sick sh*t
ay yeah, yeahhh..

An i just think the fans can say to me when they approach me on the street
Is any F*cking thing
True, anything real
You know what i mean, that’s the nicest thing
I mean like, even if its cliche
Cliche i’m not gonna still tell when that chiche is straight from your heart
And that’s all you could say when you saw me or if you meant it
Like even if its that, like i said if its real
You know why?
cause sometimes people can say things that so real to them
That they don’t really know that some of the things they are saying isn’t official
But you know, things i mean like example
you might walk up on somebody, I might walk up on somebody on the street
And they might, they might shout out the valeet from today
Might shout out the valeet from yesterday
Before you open the door of my car, you’re looking in my eyes
you’re a young cat
You look me in the eyes an you say ahh
His english wasn’t all that
I really like the new album, I really like the new project
And i said to him like thank you man, he meant that
Cause he looked me in my eyes and he even opened my door before he said it
You know what i mean
I was like d*mn when i got in the car i was like d*mn its not a project
You know i don’t even consider that d*mn sh*t not an album
Just a mix take, but to him that thing was real could be a project not an album
So shout out to homie