YBN Almighty Jay – Takin Off Lyrics

B*tch I’m taking off, leave your pant**s on when you f*ck don’t take ’em off
She tryna have my babies keep the rubber on don’t take it off
Taking off the rari’ with the top I had to take it off
N*gg*s in they feelings ’cause they see a n*gg* takin off
Take it off
Take thousand dollar’s then I had to break it off
She gon’ throw it back and imma catch it like I’m Randy Moss
the B**ch get lost, blew it on some kicks, n*gg* f*ck the cops
Ni***s wanna leech ’cause they see a n*gg* takin off

(Verse 1)
She tryna take off her top, my diamond they wet but your p*ssy not
My n*gg*s still stand on the block they serving the rocks and ducking from cops
N*gg*s want beef with the gang until they get robbed until they get shot
B*tch want a n*gga to marry they *ss but I don’t fall in love with no thot
30 in the Glock that b*tch hang out it look like a mop
Sliding on the opps, all that twitter beefing gotta stop
Carrots in my chain, my diamonds look like bunnies how they hop
N*gg*s in my lane, and that sh*t all funny till they drop
I learned that p*mp sh*t from my pops
I got a friendship with your opps
I f*ck*d your b*tch in Gucci flops
French y’all boys who lean in rocks
Snatch yo b*tch ’cause I’m a flirt
Ye’ ain’t twins [?]
Diamonds a b*tch I feel like dirt
Ducking yo b*tch I made her squirt

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
When Jay walked in that room that p*ssy leakin’
Hit it from the back that p*ssy speakin’
My n*gga popped some xans now he tweakin
Blew two bands in a strip club for no reason
B*tch she broke and boujee
She get on on nerves then she might just loose me
These b*tch*s choosy
My friends is dead i feel like oozy
These n*gg*s goofy
They diss me for clout but the sh*t so b**ty
I told her to chew me
Netflix and Chill I don’t go to no movies
I won’t spend time with a b*tch she argue i dont got time for this sh*t
I put all my ice on and i almost blind a b*tch
Made her give me face
Just like i face-timed her
Told her that I love her she said that i lied an’ sh*t

(Repeat Chorus)