Masicka – They Don’t Know Lyrics

They don’t know my story
They just know my songs
They don’t know how far
How far I’m coming from
They don’t know my story
They just know my songs
They don’t know how far
Know how far

How dem a gwaan like me no hungry before
How dem a gwaan like me no stumble before
You haffi mek it when you humble fi sure
Crysp inna cup and a no rum me a pour
How dem a gwaan like say me born inna riches
A weh dem deh when man a sleep ‘pon the floor?
But from me born me say me gone fi the riches
Mummy no worry, me can’t dead poor

(Verse 1)
Nothing nah gwaan and the p*ssy dem switch up
Nuff a me gyal dem bun me before
But ask inna the place weh me born, Jah
War start, me never run weh before
And even when me rolling to the party
Haffi bring da gun deh fi sure
Dem would a love fi see you ‘pon the asphalt
No waan fi see we young and a tour
It’s like badmind a kill dem p*ssy deh
And you need fi hunt fi the cure
‘Cause every time another youth rise up
A that bring you down to the floor

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
And man a soldier, so me get a ruff life
We just a warm up, yow, we ready fi the fight
Water commission, know a pressure buss pipe
A turn it up and a ch-cheddar must right
A bredda man haffi see weather just like u
So when you see me inna the leather, don’t badmind
Me work hard, me never badmind you
Look weh hard work gimmi nobody no kind so

Roll out
Crysp inna cup (yeah)
Gyal ‘pon the front seat, you know a d*ck she a s*ck
One bag a fake love, but me no miss when me bruk
From me family good and me bredda dem up

(Repeat Chorus)

(Austro – Repeat Intro)