“Get To The Point” Sizzla Threatens LA Lewis Over Leaked Video

Sizzla Kalonji warns LA Lewis “it’s going down on sight.”

The reggae/dancehall legend was in his usual element at Monday’s GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza at the Luana Sports Complex in St Elizabeth. Sizzla closed the show around daybreak and thousands of fans stayed behind to see him in action. During his set, one person was clearly on his mind and that’s LA Lewis who he blasted for a recently leaked video showing him performing a sex act with a female who Lewis identified as his girlfriend.

“LA Lewis, anytime me see yu again me ago kick yu under the throat,” Sizzla said on stage. “Some bwoy a claim dat a dem a run de place and de gal a siddung inna dem face. Hey nasty bwoy LA Lewis… a New Year a come and de youth dem a defend education…We bun out down inna throat and you get bright a shove yu face inna gal nookie.”

Sizzla clearly was in no mood to entertainment LA Lewis’ recent campaign to significantly changed dancehall and the wider Jamaican culture surrounding certain sexual acts. Some fans are agreeing with Sizzla’s stance while also saying that they have no issues with it but urges individuals to keep it behind closed doors. “Kalonji is right and while I don’t have an issue with what a man and a woman want to do behind closed doors,” one fan wrote. “Don’t bring it out in the public and try to force your views and what you’re doing on others, keep it in your own space, leaking the video was totally unnecessary just shows you some people will do anything for attention.”

This is not the first time that Sizzla is attacking another dancehall artist over lewd acts or explicit lyrics. Two years ago he went after dancehall newcomer Gage for his viral “Throat” song.