Nicki Minaj Agrees With Her Minions That Cardi B Is Stealing Her Style

Nicki Minaj seems to agree with her fans assessment that Cardi B is stealing her style.

Bardi has a new video out with Ozuna for their collaborative single “La Modelo” and its getting a lot of attention including from some fans of Nicki Minaj, aka Barbz, who are known to be fiercely loyal to the queen. After digesting the video, a sizeable portion of them concludes that Cardi B bites Nicki’s style shameless, and the Young Money rapper seems to agree with her minions.

Cardi also has another video out “No Limi (Remix)” with ASAP Rocky, French Monatana, Juicy J, and Belly. “Cardi b being a wanna be nicki in no limit video and releasing her Spanish song as well… like nicki always does,” one fan wrote. There are several other similar comments right now on Twitter that Nicki Minaj responded saying “I’m glad y’all peeped.”

Some fans across the divide are already responding accusing the “No Frauds” rapper and her Minions of reaching. Some folks went as far as to call her a hypocrite for bashing Cardi B while she stole Lil Kim’s style. “I like Nicki Minaj but she should NEVER come for Cardi B about mimicking Anything when she is a plastic carbon copy of the ORIGINAL Queen Bee Lil Kim. #NoShadeButShade,” one fan tweeted.

With two videos out in a matter of days, and hot off her first ever Billboard Hot 100 number one single, Cardi B is surely under the microscope right now, particularly from Nicki Minaj and her fans given the fact that she has been the leading female rapper over the past decade. The big question now is Ms Minaj’s reign over with the massive success of Cardi in the mainstream hip hop market this year? Check out some of the heated comments below.