Blac Chyna Covered Her Future Tattoo With Dream

Blac Chyna found a way to make Future go away permanently.

Back in 2015, the reality star tatted Future name on her hand and at the time she said it was a temporary tattoo for his music video “Rich $ex” which she starred in. Turns out the ink wasn’t temporary and Future dumped her after founding out about the ink. Since she she has been slowly erasing it to a point where it was almost completely gone.

Now Blac Chyna found a way to stop getting tattoo removal treatments by getting a new bigger and brighter tattoo of her daughter’s name, Dream. She also got another tattoo of his son King Cairo name on her left hand. You can’t hate her for getting her kids name tatted on her because that’s what she should have done in the first place. Since dating Future for a few weeks, Chyna has dated Rob Kardashian and now she has a child with him. The two parted ways earlier this year in a bitter split that result in a legal battle after Rob leaked photos and videos of her on Instagram as revenge for cheating on him.