XXXTentacion Promises Free Concerts Amidst Anti-Rape Event Cancellation

XXXTentacion told his fans that he will be hosting a free concert in the future after his anti-rape event was canceled.

The Florida rapper issued an apology to his fans today after his anti-rape event in Miami was canceled due to circumstances beyond his control, he said. Several of his fans on social media were skeptical about the event and thought that he was just using it as a PR move amidst his ongoing assault case involving his ex-girlfriend.

XXXTentacion says that he organized the event to give support to those who were raped or went through any form of post-traumatic experience. He also asked attendees not to bring any form of negative energy to a place where he said its all about support. Sadly the event never took place because some folks vandalized the venue among other things.

“It was my fault completely that the event was cancelled,” he stated. “I put the venue address out, which caused the venue to get spray painted,” he added. He also clarified that the performance will be separate from the make-up anti-rape event, explaining that “I’m doing a free performance, free of charge, to make up for the fact that I didn’t get this done on time.”

He didn’t reveal when he will be performing at the planned free concert, but XXXTentacion has been working hard to rehabilitate his image in recent months. He also signed a new deal with Capital Records and the label seems to be helping him with his legal troubles.