Ninjaman Lawyer Closes Argument Asks Jury To Free The Artist

Ninjaman attorney closes her argument in the Home Circuit Court on Thursday asking the jury to set the artist free.

The dancehall legend, whose real name is Desmond Ballentine, his son Janiel, and Dennis Clayton will likely know their fate today. The jury is currently in deliberation since yesterday evening. The three men are charged with the murder of Ricardo Johnson, more popularly known as Ricky Trooper in the Kingston 13 area. The prosecution argued that they killed Trooper in cold blood over a simple domestic dispute in March 2009.

Ninjaman has maintained his innocence saying he had nothing to do with the murder. Prosecutor introduced seven witnesses who testified against the deejay once including a man who is in the witness protection program. He testified that the three men fired two shots at him but he managed to escape and ran. The prosecution asks the jury to return a guilty verdict to give the victim and his family justice.

Ninjaman and his two co-accused gave unsworn testimony in court. The judge gave his summation of the trial and gave the jury instructions on their deliberation.

If found guilty, the three men could be sent to prison for life for the murder. Ninja says that he is anxious to put the case behind him and return to his regular life.