Meek Mill Gets New Bail Hearing Set For November 27

Meek Mill will have a chance to be released from prison when he appeared at his new bail hearing set for November 27.

Lawyers representing the Philly rapper have been working overtime to find even the smallest of crack in the justice system that would get him free from prison. If you have been living under a rock for the past two weeks, Meek Mill is currently in a Pennsylvania state prison serving 2-4 years for probation violation. But the case drew so much scrutiny and widespread outcry that from some big-name celebrities like JAY-Z.

Come November 27, Meek Mill will again be in front of judge Judge Genece Brinkley for a bail hearing and no one knows yet where things will go from there but the fact that he is getting a bail hearing while he is serving a sentence in prison likely means that the judge had some time to think about her heavy-handed sentencing and want to right her wrong.

Meek Mill has been on probation for years following his drug and gun conviction in 2008. Earlier this year, he was arrested in St Louis for allegedly getting into a fight at the airport. He later told authorities that he was simply breaking up a fight. He was arrested again in August In New York City for popping a wheelie on a dirt bike while shooting a music video. Cops say they arrested him for reckless endangerment among other traffic violations.

Both cases were later dismissed after he took a plea deal and was given just community service. JAY-Z, who signed Meek Mill to his management company Roc Nation, penned an opinion piece in the New York Times today where he spoke out in depth about the justice system preying on black people for years.

“The specifics of Meek’s case inspired me to write this,” JAY-Z wrote. “But it’s time we highlight the random ways people trapped in the criminal justice system are punished every day. The system treats them as a danger to society, consistently monitors and follows them for any minor infraction — with the goal of putting them back in prison.”

The rap legend argued that tax payers will have to spend thousands of dollars to keep Meek Mill in prison for the duration of his sentence just for a small crime that could see him doing community service and giving back in some way to his community. “Taxpayers in Philadelphia, Meek Mill’s hometown, will have to spend tens of thousands of dollars each year to keep him locked up, and I bet none of them would tell you his imprisonment is helping to keep them safer,” Hov wrote.