2 Chainz Considering Stepping Into Politics As Mayor Of College Park

2 Chainz is considering hanging up his mic for a bit to run for political office.

The College Park rapper is strongly considering running for mayor of College Park, Ga. which means he would likely have to retire from rap at least until he serves his term. 2 Chainz made the revelations during an interview with Trevor Noah on his talk show “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah.” “I’m from College Park,” the MC said. “It’s a city right outside of Atlanta, Georgia and I’m passionate about my neighborhood, my community.”

In order for him to run for mayor, 2 Chainz says that there are a couple prerequisites that he doesn’t currently meet and that’s the only thing prevented him from running to overthrow the current mayor who he said has been serving for decades. “The mayor that was currently serving when I was thinking about taking the crown from him had been there for 20 or 30 years, so they were eager for a change,” he said. “But they had a few prerequisites that I couldn’t meet like staying in the same county and things like that because I didn’t want to stay in the same county still.”

2 Chainz also opened up about a number of issues that he would tackle in the community if he is ever elected mayor starting with crime and funding for projects like sports that will get kids more active in the community. “I would also deal with funding a lot of the county programs, sports programs, and things like that because I feel like a lot of kids don’t come outside anymore,” he said. Chainz would be a great mayor if he can get them to bend the rules for him to enter the race or perhaps he could find himself a nice house in College Park.

You can watch 2 Chainz full interview with Trevor Noah on Comedy Central.