Did Beyonce Shut Do Instagram Hashtag Over Twins Photos

Beyonce might have shut down the #Beyonce hashtag on Instagram after photos of her twins Rumi and Sir Carter was leaked online.

On Saturday, Beyonce became a trending topic on the internet when someone leaked some photos of her and her twins. The pop star has never released any photos of the twins since giving birth in June of this year. On Saturday, a couple paparazzi pics surfaced online from a Miami family vacation with Beyonce, Tina Lawson, the twins, and their nanny. The pics look like they were taken from a far distance and the singer had no idea that her privacy was being invaded.

Shortly after her name started trending on Twitter, the pics started vanishing from the internet. For a good portion of the day, the hashtag #Beyonce wasn’t yielding any results on Instagram as outlined in the below screenshot. For those who searched for the hashtag, they would see a message popped up that reads, “Recent posts from #beyonce are currently hidden because the community has reported some content that may not meet Instagram’s community guidelines.”

Instagram did not release a statement on the issue, but their guidelines have some text coverage issues like these. As part of its terms of use, Instagram can disable some hashtag or accounts that violate its policies and in cases like these, if someone posted abusive content in a highly visible place. In this instance, the #Beyonce hashtag usually yield millions of results due to the fact that she is a big name celebrity and many of these posts have nothing to do with her. It’s certainly no coincidence that on the same day that the photos of the twins Rumi and Sir Carter were released tht=at the hashtag stopped working so now many fans are saying the Beyonce actually has something to do with it.

“Oh my word Beyoncé (my sister) is shutting down Instagram accounts that have posted pics of her twins that were leaked,” one fan tweeted.