Meek Mill To Appeal Judge Heavy-Handed Sentencing For Parole Violation

Meek Mill plans to appeal a judges “heavy-handed” sentencing of up to four years in state prison for parole violation.

The rapper got the shocking news when he turned up for a court hearing in Philadelphia on Monday this week. One of Meek’s attorneys, Joe Tacopina, says there are grounds to appeal the sentencing which he calls bias and heavy-handed. According to Tacopina, the judge is from the same section of Philly where Meek is from and has a grudge against the rapper for the past few years.

During a meeting in the judge’s chamber last year, the female judge suggested that Meek Mill did a remake of Boyz II Men’s classic “On Bended Knee” and give her a shout-out and the rapper refused to do it. The lawyer claims that the judge had a grudge with the Philly rapper ever since and was out to get him. Additionally, the Assistant District Attorney and Probation Officer, both recommended no prison time, but the judge handed down the heavy sentence regardless.

It’s unknown when Meek will start his prison sentence and how far his appeal will take him. Nevertheless, the MMG rapper has been getting a lot of support from his celebrity peers and fans including JAY-Z, Kevin Hart, and T.I. The sentence handed down by the Judge — against the recommendation of the Assistant District Attorney and Probation Officer — is unjust and heavy handed. We will always stand by and support Meek Mill, both as he attempts to right this wrongful sentence and then in returning to his musical career,” JAY-Z wrote on Facebook last night.