Young Thug and Fiance Jerrika Karlae Split Over Cheating

Young Thug and his fiance Jerrika Karlae have broken up once again over some cheating.

For a while now, Thugger and Karlae have been going strong with the “Good Times” rapper regularly shouting her out on Instagram, especially since giving her a giant engagement ring last year. Seems there are now a lot of trouble in paradise because Jerrika has been ranting on social media all week and even exposing more than one women who she claimed that Young Thug has been cheating with. Whats even more damning is that one of the females is her best friend.

Jerrika Karlae even called one of the women a dude. Turns out that the women aren’t denying the cheating allegations either, because after they found out that they were being exposed to millions on social media, they started clapping back. One of the female who Thug has been creeping with, Amy Luciani, shot back saying that she is no dude and she is not a side piece either. She even went as far as to say that Jerrika is also one of Young Thug’s side chicks.

“Let’s be clear,” she said. “I’m no side chick. People are so quick to jump to what the media puts out. What this little troll did was really petty. I won’t speak bad on Young Thug because he’s a great guy however I will say you can’t TAKE what you didn’t have. Now on a higher note. Everybody have a splendid day Don’t believe the hype. If I wanted attention I could’ve been exposed things. It’s not that serious #loyalty.”

Jerrika Karlae seems to be trying to put all the drama behind her and even announced that she is single. “The race is to the one that endures to the end #single,” she wrote on Instagram yesterday.