Mavado and Jahmiel Drop New Single “Badness” [Listen]

Mavado and Jahmiel teams up for a new collaborative single “Badness” take a listen to it below.

The gangsta anthem was produced by Chimney Records with Jahmiel delivering a catchy hook over a dancehall beat. “The crime rate keep going up / Cuz my good a my only luck / F*** all a who want see the rass fall cuz a my gun a hold mi up / Right now mi hot like naan make them cold me up,” the Patriotz singer sings.

Mavado, Jahmiel, and Alkaline formed a close nit clique in dancehall called MVP. The trio are among the leading acts in the genre this year with a number of hits. Jahmiel himself is being touting as one of the brightest stars in reggae/dancehall music currently and this song further highlights why he has been getting so much positive attention. Mavado continues to build on his vast catalog and will no doubt go down as one of the greatest of all time.

“Bombohole must think say badness can stop / Feel them skin too tough for 45 shots / One in a your head yo morrow drop in a yo lap / One in a yo mouth yo better stop chat / Pu*** stop take badness to SnapChat,” Mavado sings.