Cardi B Teases Her Next Hit Song On Instagram

Cardi B is already working on her next big hit song which she hopes will be as big or bigger than “Bodak Yellow (Money Moves).”

The Queens emcee got a piece of music history this week when she became only the second female rapper in history to have a solo Billboard Hot 100 number one song. Seems she has already celebrated the occasion and is working on her next big hit. Cardi B posted a clip on Instagram last night of herself dropping some bars from what will form her next single from her upcoming album.

This song finds Cardi B reflecting on her come up in the game from her stripper days to having the biggest song on the planet. “Used to dance in the club right across from my school / I said dance, not f***, don’t get it confused / Had to set the record straight, ’cause b*tches love to assume,” she raps. She later drop some more bars in what sounds like the hook “Get money, go hard, muthafu**in’ right / Never been a fraud in my muthafu**in’ life.”

Cardi B has been getting a lot of love this week for her achievement but most importantly for being real and humble. Success comes with haters and she also get some of that from Harlem rapper Azealia Banks who called her a “poor man’s Nicki Minaj.”