Kylie Jenner Trolling Social Media With New Pics Amidst Pregnancy Reports

Kylie Jenner is just trolling the media on social media with some new pics of herself amidst reports that she is pregnant for Travis Scott.

One of the photos she posted on Instagram was of herself and a bunch of her friends wearing robes that she captioned, “mornings.” The second photo was of herself and her Jordy who was celebrating her birthday. The pic was taken at the zoo and Kylie Jenner made a point to lift her shirt up a little to show her belly.

“Yesterday was cute. hope you had the happiest of birthdays Jordy. Love you forever ever and beyond,” she wrote on IG. Kylie or Travis Scott have not responded to the reports of her “alleged” pregnancy. TMZ specifically stated in their breaking news on Friday that they got the news from unnamed sources. Kris Jenner says she was just as surprised as everyone else when she woke up Saturday morning and saw the news trending. Kris didn’t confirm or deny the reports, but you know that they are loving the publicity right now since it will translate in more ratings for their reality shows.

Tyga broke his silence on the same day of the report by posting a screenshot of the news on his SnapChat but then quickly deleting it. “Hell nah thats my kid,” he wrote. That statement, of course, added another dimension to the discussion on social media with some fans already saying that there will likely be some paternity test when the baby is born. Kylie Jenner fans on Instagram are divided on whether or not she is pregnant. “Her belly look flat to me so how can she be pregnant,” one fan commented, while another added, “her belly normally look flatter than that so maybe is really pregnant. All of this discussion could end if she simply just confirm whether or not she is. We need to know.”

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mornings :)

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