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Rick Ross Baby Mama Take Shots At Him Over New Baby

Rick Ross has a new baby girl with fitness model Briana Camille and his previous baby mama is throwing shots at him.

The MMG hip hop legend has a son with Tia Kemp and the two are currently locked in a child support battle. According to Kemp, Rick Ross doesn’t have a regular relationship with their son and she doesn’t know why. She claimed that he doesn’t visit him or even told him that he has a new baby sister. Nevertheless, she congratulates the new parent on their new bundle of joy.

“Congrats to them,” Tia Kemp said. “I just hope he treats the baby better than he treats my son.” She also blasted Rick Ross for not contacting their son on his 12th birthday this month and also his previous birthday. She claimed that their son now suffers from depression and anxiety because of whats going on with Rozay and have to be getting counseling.

“It hurts me to see my child hurt,” she told Bossip. “Can you imagine having a celeb father, and when he’s in town, he goes all these other places, but can’t come to one of your football games? It’s sad.”

Rick Ross gets criticized from fans on social media last week when he posted a video of his baby girl surrounded by stacks of cash. Some folks are saying that dirty money has no business being so close to a newborn. Tia Kemp echoed the same sentiments calling the move by Rozay tacky. “This is so ignorant on so many levels not to mention the filth & germs on the money he is laying up next to her skin,” one fan wrote on IG, while another fan added, “Where is this baby’s mother why did she allow this fool to put these dirty money so close to the toddler and even touching her skin, this is so upsetting and it’s not my baby.”

You can watch the video below.