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DMX Cops Deal On House Arrest But Must Enter Drug Rehab

DMX desperately want to be able to travel and perform on gigs so he cop a deal to be free of house arrest but in exchange, he will have to enter a drug rehabilitation program.

The rap icon legal troubles are still far from over since he is facing multiple charges for tax evasion. He was placed under house arrest earlier this month after failing at least four drug tests, hence all the more reasons for drug rehab. TMZ reported that a judge has signed off on an inpatient treatment program for DMX’s substance abuse problems.

X will still need permission to travel outside of the state of New York, but if the treatment facility is outside of the state then he can travel there freely. The rapper’s lawyer, Murray Richman, agrees with the judge saying that DMX drug addiction has become impossible to manage and he needs help. This will not be the first time the former Ruff Ryder emcee is getting treatment for substance abuse, but we all sure it will be the last. In April of this year, the rapper checked himself into rehab following a mysterious medical problem. Sources say he had overdosed on drug and collapse. Seems that rehab didn’t help him back then because just this month he failed four drug test in one day where drugs such as marijuana and cocaine were found in his system.

DMX has pleaded not guilty to the tax charges and if convicted he could serve some time in prison. X is reportedly working on a new album but there is no word yet on the release date or the title. Earlier this year Swizz Beatz confirmed that he has been in the studio with the legendary rapper working on a new project. But it seems his drug addiction problems may have played a role in the delay of the project.