Kodak Black Responds To Master P Says Fundraiser Was His Idea

Kodak Black has responded to Master P claimed that he was helping him turn his image around by hosting a community back-to-school fundraiser.

Kodak says the idea to host the back-to-school event in his hometown of Pompano Beach in Florida was all his idea and Master P just happened to come along. The rapper said that Master P wanted to get paid to get involved in the charity event. “I’m confused cuz when I was bout to pay Master P to “Kinda” get involved, the police department was ok with it but since I thought about having four give away drives this year by myself I didn’t want a sponsor or no one involved to make it seem like they gave me the idea to do it,” Kodak wrote. “Especially after I realized what’s really going on.”

“I already had a couple boxes going to Haiti,” the “Tunnel Vision” rapper wrote on Instagram. “I mean Ion owe nobody sh*t but I give don’t it so when they hating they can’t say I never did for em.” Kodak Black, who is Haitian born, says he will now scrap that idea and instead send all his back-to-school supplies to Haiti. “Do It Next Week Enlighten The Situation BUT F*** THAT I’m Just Gone Send All The Backpacks And School Supplies To Haiti Now,” he added. “They’ll Value It And More In Need Anyways! I’m Not Obligated To Do Sh*t, I’m 20 Years Old I Could Be Buying Crazy Jewelry And Sh*t But I’m Tryna Give Back To Where I Was Raised At I Remember Sh**ting Where I Laid At.”

Over the weekend, Master P released a lengthy statement blasting Kodak Black where he basically called him an ungrateful person. The No Limit legend says he took Kodak under his wings because he merely wanted to help him understand the music business and work on his image. P also said that he never took any money from the young rapper.