Jennifer Lopez To Release A Song Written By Chris Brown

Jennifer Lopez teases an unreleased music video “Emotions” from her 2014 album that was written by Chris Brown and he is ecstatic.

Chris Brown is currently working on his new album “Heartbreak on a Full Moon” due later this year but before that project is release he could get some buzz from Jennifer Lopez. JLo shared a video clip teaser from 2014 of the single on her Twitter page over the weekend and Breezy shared her tweet on his Instagram page.

“A lot of ppl have been asking me about the video I posted yesterday of the #AkA album teaser: EMOTIONS written by Chris Brown,” JLo tweeted. Even though the single was released from back in 2014, sources are now saying that she plans on releasing the full version of the music video sometime soon. It’s unclear why all this time she will release a music video for an old single. Perhaps Chris Brown will be in the cut.

Back in 2013, both Chris Brown and JLo were spotted in the studio working on new music so it’s also likely that they recorded more than one songs.