Watch Popcaan Vs The People “Jamaica is life Bumbaclat”

“Jamaica is life bumbaclat” is a phrase that will leave a stain in your mind after watching this video.

Noisey caught up with Popcaan recent for an episode of their popular series The People Vs. During the nearly four-minute clip, Popcaan read comments posted about him on social media from fans, some positive and some negative. One of his fans posted the now infamous comment “Jamaica is life bumbaclat.” Every Jamaican living overseas will agree with this comment as they reflect on home, but for the folks living in Jamrock, this comment is like a daily motto.

Some of his fans commented on his image like his infamous hair and some thank him for recording uplifting songs that help them through hard times. “Thank you very much and I will give you a lot of songs that hits home after this,” Popcaan responded to one of his fans comment who said “This song has helped me get through some ruff times. It hits home.” Popcaan was reading some comments from his “Love Yuh Bad” music video on YouTube.