Tommy Lee Sparta – Sparta Don Lyrics

Gwaan talking mi hear one a unuh
Diss Sparta don I dare one a unuh
Meck a beg God fi save one a unuh
Before the day done mi a grave one a unuh

Meck unuh know mi nuh fear none a unuh
Mi wi send a demon come page one a unuh
Cause any day one a unuh
Mi wi meck the clutch back hammer nail one a unuh

(Verse 1)
Denario clap the 14
Macky rope in full him up a protein
Sparta children wicked and mean
Dem wi meck you face melt off like a ice cream

Don’t play no game around we
Any bwoy violate is a clip a go gi him
Ummh, look you a blow tropicaan breeze
When mi knock it and squeeze
Dem swear a waan stocky dem dweet

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Sparta gyal dem pretty low key
Anyweh the food deh the bi**h a go fi
Shi tek you money gi the G
Bout you a spoil her
How much you pay fi pu**y fee?
Dawg come on face reality
Dem gyal yah dash you weh like you sister belly

Bullet at you face bwoy, put hi pumpie
Dem yah KK meck Megatron bleed

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
?? From you mother nuh care if shi waan please
Open up the bomber pon the cop weh waan freeze
Bullet up yu wife a true you Jesus piece
Mama si you body and she Jesus peace
Wid lot of walking meck the copper waan fling
Rock the ball pin when mi knock the tall thing
It you go in dawg pick you coffin
And mi nuh si the light weh the fire cyaa dim

(Repeat Chorus)