50 Cent Reflects On Cops Asking Prodigy To Set Him Up

Rappers have sharing their personal Prodigy stories on social media ever since his untimely passing and 50 Cent particularly has an interesting story to share.

In the heights of his rap career, think back to his Get Rich or Die Tryin’ days, the cops wanted to sink 50 Cent maybe because they think that he was becoming too powerful. Interesting enough the cops asked Prodigy, a trusted friend of 50 Cent, to drop a gun or some drugs in his car. Of course the Mobb Deep emcee declined to do the deed and even told 50 what the cops were up to.

“The police tried to get P to set me up,” 50 Cent wrote on Instagram. “They asked him if I keep any gun or drugs around. Then wanted him to put a gun in my car. He didn’t do it, instead he told me what they were trying to do. My man P.”

You can also watch a video clip from a rare interview with Prodigy sharing the same story that 50 Cent spoke about. Prodigy died on Tuesday afternoon at the age of 42.