Shawn Storm ft. Bugle – Nuh Curse Lyrics

Our life never fluffy like carpet
Never upscale like carpet
Suh wi big up every ghetto youth weh a hold out from Tivoly to Arnette

Mi know mi bless, mi nuh curse
Mi si the best, mi si the worst
Mi si joy, mi si obstacles
But thank God mi nuh si no hearse

Cause sometime life treat you like a ??
Mi si good people gone soon
Give thanks mi a live suh mi still a learn
Suh call my life a class room

(Verse 1)
Mi grow wid no gold spoon
Never use to dinner
Did haffi start hustle as a true beginner
Now mi a change clothes daily
Mi member the days when a one pair a shoes mi in a
Mi life haffi sweet couldn’t choose vinegar
But now hypocrite and the ??
God dust mi off
But mi waan know why dem badmind Bugle Beemer

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Fly in a plane, drive in a Lemma
Mi tek bus, mi tek cab
Mi si the Devil, mi si God
Mi si the good and the bad
Some people ignore you ?? when you survive dem fight
Nuh need no special education fi know seh that nuh right
Dem waan you get a X, nuh waan you get a ticky like Nike
Dem nuh waan fi hear you have you own a brand like Mike
Dem would a fight you if dem hear you go bicycle
SO wa you think dem would a do if is a moto bike?

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Dem try cut mi out, am the realest
Suh mi rise from the ashes like Fenix
In a my life I choose to trust
Mi family alone mi a go deal wid
Ghetto youths don’t blame the lord and mi mean it
After Martin Luther did come dream it
Mi use to sleep pon concrete block
Now a seli-pastro-peli

(Repeat Chorus 2X)