Drake Didn’t Hit Up Amanda Bynes Actress Says She Was High When She Tweeted

Drake still has not hit up Amanda Bynes and for good reasons because the actress is now saying that she was high on drugs when she made the controversial tweets.

Back in 2013, Amanda Bynes famously tweeted that she wants Drake to “murder my vagina.” Seems Drake didn’t take her up on her offer and neither did he contacted her, maybe she just isn’t his type or perhaps he didn’t take her serious. Nevertheless, the actress is now opening up about what was going on in her mind when she went on Twitter and started tweeting. One thing she made very clear was that she was on drug but at the same time she is being serious about her lust for Drake.

““I actually wasn’t being insincere,” she told Hollyscoop. “I was like saying, ‘Murder my vagina.’ I was serious, but I was also on drugs. That was my way of saying, ‘Let’s do it, man.’ He’s hot! What does that even mean? It just means, like, ‘F*** me, Drake!’” Amanda Bynes has had a troubled past but it seems like she is getting ready to go back to acting now and this marks the first time we’ve had an interview from her in a few years. Watch the clip below.