50 Cent Threatens To Slap Irv Gotti Reminding Us of Early 2000s

50 Cent still hates Irv Gotti and am sure Irv hates 50 too so the disdain goes both ways and at least one of them want to slap the other or put hands on them.

The Murder Inc head did an interview this week with The Breakfast Club where he opened up about the old days when Ja Rule was beefing with 50 Cent, a beef that many hip hop fans think was the demise of Ja Rule’s career. In case you missed out on some old news, Irv Gotti is reviving Murder Inc and has already signed new rappers.

50 Cent was up to his usual self on Instagram last night when he started clowning Irv and even threatened to put hands on him when he sees him. “LOL you in love with a call girl, shorty was one of Taz angels. Smh and you just kiss her in the mouth. you gotta get your life together Sucker,” 50 Cent wrote before adding in the caption of another post, “You think people can’t see you soft IRV. You say you beat the Fed’s no, you never did nothing you f***ing punk. I will slap the sh*t out you, and you will say thanks May I have another. LOL.”