Dancehall Deejay Calls For Vybz Kartel Freedom In New Song

Dancehall deejay Paj-X is calling for Vybz Kartel freedom from prison in a new single rightfully titled “Go Fi Kartel.”

The track has been gaining traction in dancehall particularly among Gazanation fans who are eager for Vybz Kartel release from prison. Yesterday a fire broke out at GP sending some fans into a panic on whether or not Vybz Kartel is safe. That news also helped pushed this new single to new heights doubling the views on YouTube. Praj-X refers to Kartel as his mentor and simply wanted to show him some support.

“It’s a song that has a message that we want Vybz Kartel to be free,” the rising dancehall deejay said. He also noted that the song is not literal and folks should not take it as a plan to break into the Tower Street Adult Correctional Center and free Vybz Kartel. “It’s not to be taken literal that we are going to break into the prison and buss him out, but the lyrics reflects the idea that the music industry is missing the icon,” he added. “Vybz Kartel is a trendsetter and the standard for modern dancehall. Nuff artistes borrow him style and don’t give credit, but we don’t do dem thing deh round here. While reasoning with Phantom one day, the topic pop up and me just put the song together.”

Some dancehall fans thinks that Praj-X is merely using Vybz Kartel name for more exposure, but the dancehall deejay says that is not the case as he is merely paying homage to the greatest dancehall artist in history, in his opinion.