Nas Announced He Is Dropping New Album This Summer

Nas has a new album coming as early as this summer and we can’t wait.

Back in April, Nas revealed in an interview with Billboard that he would be dropping a new album this year. This new project would be his 11th LP and last year he appeared on a single with DJ Khaled titled “Nas Album Done.” Now in a new interview with the New York Times, Nas is letting us know that he is two weeks away from finishing the album, although it can be interpreted as the album being done but he just might make some last minute changes before releasing it.

“Two weeks,” Nas said. “I always say I’m two weeks away from finishing. You don’t really hear about that anymore, and it’s missing, and that’s what I’m doing and keeping it current.” On a side note, While NYT was doing the interview Nas was shopping and grabbing some Caribbean food. Nas loves him some Caribbean cuisine. Another side note, Nas did not confirm if he is banging Nicki Minaj or not. Would be dope to put the Trinidadian rapper on the album thought.

“We coming this summer, baby! It’s going to be a hot summer up here, man!” Nas added without giving an exact date for the album release.