Lil Yachty Thinks His Brand Is Bigger Than His Music Pens Open Letter On Album “Teenage Emotions”

Lil Yachty thinks that his brand is much bigger than his music as he reflects on the first week sales for his debut album “Teenage Emotions.”

The first week sales numbers are coming in for the albums released just over a week ago, and Lil Yachty debut at number five on the Billboard 200 chart this week after selling 46,000 copies in the first week of release. In a lengthy emotional letter posted on his Instagram account, Yachty thanks his fans while explaining that he didn’t do the album for his critics, but for his loyal and growing fan base.

“Message to all my fans,” he wrote. “I just want to thank you for giving me your all. Supporting me and backing me up when I’m not around but am always in spirit. I didn’t make this 21 project for the old reviews and bloggers. I made it for real Lil yachty fans who have been dying for new music from me… that’s why I put so many songs.. that’s why it’s mostly just me. Because it’s from me to you.”

The Atlanta rapper also acknowledge that the first week numbers didn’t live up to expectations and blames it on his brand outgrowing his music. “I feel like my brand is so big and blew up so big, it blew up bigger than my actual music,” he added. “Which isn’t the worst situation it could be worse all I have to is make it to where my brand hype and music hype equal out.. I am back in the studio.”