Boosie Badazz Shares Prison Experience That Haunt Him Forever

Boosie Badazz has shared one of his prison experience that he said will forever haunt him and seems to be a motivator for him not to go back to prison.

A short video clip went viral on social media this week showing the Baton Rouge rapper giving a vivid account of that one time that he saw two men doing their business at six in the morning. He said that the experience terrified him forever and he immediately called his lawyers and told him to do whatever he can to get him out of prison.

“I remember when I was down in Angola [Prison] I walked in on a n**** riding a n**** d*** from the back,” Boosie said. “That n**** had a n**** ankles riding that b**** from the back, man. I ain’t know about the Coke can in the shower, you heard me? A n**** ain’t even tell me.” The reactions on Twitter were swift with some folks calling Boosie homophobic while others defending him saying that he was just giving an account about something that terrified him.