Propa Fade – Real And True Lyrics

Mi would a buss shot fi mi friend
Mi nuh have the heart fi wish bad fi mi friend
Anything weh mi have mi give dem
Man hold it out if you drop in a the pen
Dawg wi nuh know bout sell out
All when nothing naw gwaan man deh bout
Dem seh the real thugs dead out
Mussi true a bare pu**y hole dem deh round

Loyalty, suh f**K off wid you royalty
Dem yah friend yah mi call family
A nuh me one a all of wi
Bruk a war and si

Oh loyalty
Stay real to the??
Naw hear seh the dawg dem stray
?? Caw you naw mad me
Oh loyalty

(Verse 1)
Fi mi friend mi wi buss gun
To how wi roll wi a must blood
Nuh diss day one fi no just come
Laugh wid many but nuh trust none
As a old jailer
Naw si wi move like stranger
Real youth dem mi can swear paw
Deh yah now and dem a go deh yah later

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi nuh ungrateful
Member when mi belly empty and go hide true the ???
Mi nuh pree man hateful
Naw watch out you things and when you check it mi have one plate full
Dawg a nuh one year
Linky from in a school and now wi deh a career
One call and you appear
Suh mi know seh wi friendship nuh stop here

(Repeat Chorus)