Maino & Wack 100 Reignite Beef Threatens To Fade Each Other

Maino and Wack 100 reignite their age old beef and now they are both threatening to fade each other.

The Brooklyn rapper and Wack has had a long standing beef but just when we thought that they squash everything, things got ugly this weekend. Maino unleashed on Wack on Instagram moments after the West Coast hip hop personality did an interview calling out the NY emcee. “I told that ni**a Maino that we need to get down am on my way to Brooklyn,” Wack 100 said. “Maino know ni**a that I am stronger than him in Brooklyn.”

Maino wasn’t too happy about that statement and fired off an angry response on Instagram. “S**k my d*ck,” he started off saying. “”You lying b**ch! How dare you jump on an interview and spit that bullsh**! We spoke as men do! About how ni**as were lying to u about me. Kay Slay and Murda told me no such tjing boy! I Told you last time you could get fade, flat top or blady… outta respect. But I lost every ounce ounce of respect for you.” He said a whole lot more which you can read below.

Wack 100 is the manager for The Game and Ray J. He is notorious for beefing with a lot of other rappers including Stitches who he previously knocked out.