Looks Like Maino and Wack 100 Already Squash Beef

Last night Maino and Wack 100 were exchanging harsh words for each other and today it seems like they have already make peace once again.

The Brooklyn rapper offload a angry tantrum on The Game manager on Saturday when he got wind of an interview where Wack said he was stronger (more notorious) in Brooklyn than him. Maino didn’t appreciate the statement and let it be known that he will give Wack 100 the fade (beat him up) when he sees him on spot. The rapper has since deleted the post but not before it went viral. Some folks are saying that he is a coward for deleting the post.

Surprisingly, Wack 100 is now defending Maino from the harsh criticism from the hip hop community on social media. “[Maino] did not take his post down out of fear or cowardice,” Wack wrote. “He took it down after he figured out a snake blogger violated confidentiality. “I wasn’t asked to do this post just as he wasn’t asked to take down his post. I see you IG clowns are doing what you do best instigating a fire. We will do whatever it is we’re going to do however we do whatever that maybe.”

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