Did Munga Fired Then Rehired His Attorney ?

Munga Honorable attorney, Christopher Townsend, revealed earlier this week that the dancehall deejay didn’t retain his service, but now he is back tracking that statement.

Munga is set to appear in court today for his first hearing since being slapped with a murder charge last month. Townsend is expected to make application for bail for his client. The attorney revealed this week that the artist didn’t retain his services, but now he is explaining that there was some misunderstanding surrounding his fees and all that has now being cleared up. He also said that he saw Munga with another attorney when he visited him in jail and that might have triggered some confusion.

“There was a problem in terms of retaining me. They thought I was too expensive so they went to another lawyer,” Townsend said. “We are hoping to make a bail application … A man’s liberty is at stake and, therefore, at the first opportunity, bail must be considered. It’s his constitutional right. I’d be very grateful to the judge if she exercised her discretion in my favour.”

Munga Honorable, whose real name is Damion Rhoden, was charged with the murder of Cleveland Smith, who cops say was shot and killed at a party last month in Ackee Walk, St Andrew. Smith is the nephew of fellow dancehall artist Mr. Vegas and is also the same man who had a dispute with Munga two years ago. The “Flipping Rhymes” deejay was chopped several times in that dispute.