Munga Honorable Charged With Murder Attorney Asks For Prayer

Munga Honorable was slapped with a murder charge over the weekend stemming from a shooting incident two weeks ago.

Last week, cops asked the dancehall star to turn himself in for questioning and on Wednesday he was released without charge. By the end of the week, cops issued another bulletin for him to turn himself in, but this time he was charged with murder. Cops say they have evidence linking Munga to the shooting death of Cleveland Smith in Ackee Walk, St Andrew, earlier this month. Smith is the same man that chopped the “Wine Pon It” deejay two years ago.

“It would seem that evidence turned up suddenly,” Munga attorney, Christopher Townsend, said. “I am not questioning the investigative process of the police, but certainly I find it strange that after he has been in custody, we went through our process, then somebody just come and miraculously gives the statement that implicates him. We find that to be very, very unusual.”

Townsend also asks dancehall fans to pray for the deejay. His next court date has not yet been set, but his attorney added that he is preparing to make bail application for the deejay. Munga Honorable was attacked and chopped several times by Smith in 2015, but back then the Gangsta Rass deejay called on his cronies to not retaliate in a message of piece. Munga was widely praised for the move by fellow dancehall stars. Did he have a change of heart and retaliate two years later or is this just mere coincidence that someone else killed his attacker?