50 Cent Roast His Baby Mama After Child Support Ends

50 Cent was on his usual social media antics this week and most of his attention was geared towards his baby mama.

The G-Unit rapper’s eldest son Marquise Jackson is about to turn 20 in October and that’s when 50 Cent will fork over his last child support check to his baby mama Shaniqua Tompkins. On Wednesday, the rap mogul posted a hilarious meme that reads, “Graduating from child support. Twenty years. To all my brothers, hang in there.” He also added a caption saying, “LOL. Four months left, no more free ride. She might want to get a job now.”

Ms Tompkins wasn’t amused by 50 Cent’s social media shinanigan and quickly clapped back at saying, “Actually, it is five months to go. You still checking for lil ole me? Calculate the hours you missed from your son.” Fiddy then made it clear that he paid her $1,369,400 so the $30,600 balance that he owed her over the next five months is pocket change. 50 Cent is notorious for airing out his personal business on social media and this is a classic example.

Shaniqua Tompkins also reminded 50 Cent about the time he got shot 5 times (thought it was 9 times) and she was the one who took care of him and helped him got back on his feet.

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