Bounty Killer Addresses Leaving Stage After Clash With Beenie Man

Bounty Killer has stepped for ward to address leaving the stage and opting not to clash with Beenie Man at a show in Trinidad over the weekend.

Bounty and Beenie were the headlining acts on the Guinness Fully Loaded Music Festival in Mucurapo, Trinidad on Saturday night. But while the two artists were performing together about five minutes in, the dancehall legend left the stage in an angry tantrum and later leave the venue. In a lengthy post on Instagram, Bounty Killer explained why he left the stage.

“The promoters of Guinness Fully Loaded had never booked me to perform along with Beenie Man,” Bounty Killer said. “They booked both me and Beenie as solo acts and think that’s how it works, as long as both artiste on the show then we gonna work together. Nope. So in my head I was gonna do what I was paid to do – which was my solo set. I told one of the promoters I will do my set then call up Beenie at the end and do a few and he said ‘fine.'”

Bounty Killer said that he should have performed after Aidonia but the promoters put him on the spot when they called out both him and Beenie Man at the same time. So in an effort to please the fans he performed a short set and then leave.