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ASAP Rocky Home Robbed By Armed Men $1.5 Million In Jewelry Taken

ASAP Rocky is okay but he is beefing up security around him today after armed men broke into his home and fleece $1.5 million worth of jewelry and other items.

The home burglary took place almost midnight on Tuesday night at his Los Angeles home. Three armed men got into the home through an unlocked window and thought no one was home. ASAP Rocky sister reportedly walked in and found the men, but she was not injured or tied up in the incident. TMZ first reported that the three men knocked on the door and when a woman opened it the held her at gun point and forced their way inside.

The story is still conflicting, but the three men reported took a safe, which cops later found abandon on the sidewalk. Approximately $1.5 million worth of jewelry and other items were taken from the home. ASAP Rocky has not commented on the robbery, but cops are actively investigating the incident.