Troy Ave Posted Video Clip Of Irving Plaza Shooting Outing His Former Friend Hovran

Troy Ave released a never before seen clip of the night when there was an attempted hit on his life at the Irving Plaza in New York City.

The incident took place last year May at a T.I. concert at the Irving Plaza. Troy Ave’s close friend and bodyguard Ronald McPhatter was shot and killed and radio personality TaxStone is facing trial for murder. In the video posted on his Instagram page, Ave says two men name HovRan and Young Leave The Bro who were his former associates was also involved in the shooting.

“We really got betrayed and backstabbed by people we showed nothing but genuine love to,” Troy Ave wrote. “I need all y’all to pay close attention to ya circle cause I don’t want this to happen to y’all on No Level! this $hit is shameful! Fake friends was jus pretend! same ones who post #RipBanga wouldn’t even help him when he needed them most #hovain aka #HovRan & #YoungLeaveTheBro are conniving, Liars, Cowards, Snakes & Fruads but they hid it well, I saw glimpses of who they really were but chose to ignore it cause my loyalty was limitless!”