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Mavado Performs For 50,000 Fans In Gambia & Gets Land

Mavado is having the time of his life in Africa right now and the continent is showing him a lot of love.

The dancehall icon touched down in Gambia last week for a massive performance for the first time in that country. Over 50,000 fans converged on the Independence Stadium Bakau on Saturday night to see the Gully Gad in action, making it the biggest event in Gambia in over a decade. Organizers were very pleased with the outcome telling us that Mavado is always welcome back to Gambia anytime. “Mavado has a home here in Gambia, we love him and love the work that he is doing and the impact he has on our culture,” organizers said.

“Just watch me do it like its nutting much love goes out to my fans GULLYGAD,” Mavado wrote on Instagram. The dancehall singjay also posted a video clip showing the massive crowd. Something tells us that this will not be the last time Gambia is seeing the Gully Gad.

Mavado, whose real name is David Brooks, also received a large plot of land in the country as a gift from one of the top developers in the nation, Global Properties Gambia Limited. “We saw it fit to say Thank You! and We Love You! to Mr. David Brooks [Mavado],” reps for the company said in a statement. “Over the past 10 years in his musical career Mavado has changed the dancehall sound and inspired many in dancehall and around the world including Gambia to strive for better.”