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Dexta Daps Female Co-Star In “Owner” Video Is A Lesbian

All the male dancehall fans lusting over Dexta Daps co-star in his viral “Owner” video will be disappointed with this news.

Since dropping the Intro – Short Film video on Thursday, Dexta Daps and his female co-star played by Phylicia “Lady Ice” Carty have been the hottest topics in dancehall. While the ladies lust over the dancehall singer, guys are rushing to social media to find out who the female is. But most will be disappointed to learn that she is not into guys. In fact she is in a relationship and her girlfriend is popularly known as Dey-Dey Baucevelli.

Lady Ice has been getting a lot of praise from dancehall fans for taking on the role in the video that requires her to get fully nude and the final product is basically soft porn. She pulled off the role very well and all the credit that she is getting now is well deserve. The video model also appears in Sean Paul’s video “Suh Mi High.”