Dexta Daps Getting A lot Female Pregnant With “Owner” Video “INTRO – The Short Film”

Dexta Daps is getting a lot of females pregnant this summer following the release of the video for his explicit single “Owner.”

Just when Ishawna started to get a grip on dancehall with her raunchy new single “Equal Rights” Dexta Daps swoop in and stole the spotlight with his explicit new video for “Owner” and “Only U.” On Thursday, the dancehall singer released a short film for his latest album “Intro” and the 9 minute long clip immediately went viral due to it’s sexually charged content. The first half of the video is for his Intro single “Owner” while the second half is for the single “Only U.” Both Dexta Daps and his female co-star played by Phylicia “Lady Ice” Carty were both in their birthday suits for the entire clip which was directed by Chris Strikes.

Dancehall fans have been sounding off on social media about the video with most crediting for his work. There are a few who thinks that the cut is too raw and in your face, but a rep for the singer told us that was the intended purpose of the video.

Watch the video here.