Popcaan – We Run The Grung Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Banana clip bend like cow horn
Bwoy chop up when the chopper turn on
Bad from the day when mi born
Unruly never coward
You mussi mad

A we run the grung
Junglist seh a we run the grung
Send bwoy pon the fridge go lydown
3-West man a buss bwoy head from wi young

A we run the grung
Bwoy fi know seh a we run the grung
When the magnum a wheel and a turn
Skin a peal and you know skin a burn

(Verse 2)
In a one go, bwoy drop like mango, buff!
Anyweh mi go mi seh mi gun go
Ayweh mi go mi seh mi gang go
A the rifle mi use and cramp you
Dawg man a real hell gringo
Hallow pon just a chop up you kin suh
When mi shrub old iron through the win
AK buss him head fast

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Dem fi know seh, mi nuh play like Tetris
Pu**y haffi dead dem could a feed paw Fensic
Calico a knock him weh
Jackie Hendricks
Party ball run in a him head and exit
Gwaan like dem tough, dem soft than velvet
No pu**y cyaa meck mi wear helmet
Try know any bwoy try gi mi talk
Mama-T crack dem skull like shell-fish

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 4)
Shot gun beat off
Bwoy a slide pon the pebble dem
Lift up every lass and bebble dem
Pu**y dem know anytime killy pass
Somebody a bury dem
Drive out wid all a mi guns pon the road
Bwoy waan diss me and haffi talk in a code
Mi nuh chigger finger, mi naw walk wid no sword
Mack-11 meck you marrow jump like a toad

(Repeat Chorus)